Friday, November 8, 1996

Notification under Coroners Act 1988 that Inquest Unnecessary:

Cor. 2                                                                                                      Reg. 4


    To the Secretary for Justice

    PURSUANT to part IV of the Coroners Act 1988, I hereby notify you that I have decided not to hold an inquest into the death of ................David Karl RAUE,...................
late of 61 Roxburgh Road, Mt Victoria, WELLINGTON, Roofing Contractor

    Inquiries made by me and the post-mortem examination show the cause of death to have been:

DATE OF DEATH:    29 April 1996

PLACE OF DEATH:    Home address

CAUSE OF DEATH:    Acute heart failure, probably secondary to myocarditis.

Dated at WELLINGTON this 8th day of November 1996

E Kremic, Coroner

Notes -     (1)  This form must be accompanied by a written statement as to the identity of the person concerned required by section 20(2)(b) of the Coroners Act 1988.

                (2)  Any written medical report held by the Coroner must be forwarded with this form to the Secretary for Justice.

                 (3)  Copies of this form shall be sent to:

                 (a)  The Registrar of Births and Deaths required to register the death (if any);

                 (b)  The funeral director or other person in charge of the disposal of the body (if any); and

                 (c)  The senior member of the police in the place where the inquest would have otherwise have been held.

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